Brief introduction to art works of children's writer Mr. Jamba Dashdondog

          He was born in Bulgan province of Mongolia. In 1963 he graduated from Mongolian State University. He is honored artist, member of Academy of Mongolian Literature and member of World Academy of Arts and Culture. His writer’s history began with publishing of his first book when he was 17 years old pupil of a rural school.

          The publication of a book written by a child at that time also was a first case of such events in the country. In this book titled “Resourceful boy” is narrated about a small boy who without having flat-iron thought out a way to iron with teapot with hot tea. Since this first his book he published over 80 books dedicated to children. Mr. J.Dashdondog writes in all genres of children’ literature, so played special role in the development of children’ literature in Mongolia.

          He wrote verses about drawings of his 3-7 years old brothers and in 1971 jointly with them created a book “Mother, father and me” which became beginning of his penetration into young children’s fantasy and philosophy. Verses in this book really became childish abstract, merry and romantic, and therefore researchers unanimously acknowledged him to have introduced renovation in Mongolian children’s literature.

          J.Dashdondog’s verses have artistic conception, aphoristic and musical, and therefore children learn them easily. Each book of J.Dashdondog has its specific feature.

          Nine fairy tales included in his “Tales on horseback” written in 1999 is distinguished by accommodation of broad ideas in small area. It’s said that Genghis khan during his war campaigns whole beef meat took with him stashed in its pericardium bladder. Using this idea in verbal art he created his philosophical tales called “Tales on horseback”. Some researchers often called them as nine novels dedicated to children. They are lyrical written using resourceful traditional Mongolian expressions. Reading them you feel lyrical melodic motives like listening to fiddle playing in steppe. With it the book is expressively distinguished from other books. In Mongolian oral folk literature there’s a genre called orally passed or walking tales. The idea of the writer to bring walking tales on “horseback” gained success, even crossed over state frontiers and started a trip to conquer minds of children of different countries.

          His “Legend stone” book written in 2000 standing for more and more decreasing wild animals children reading it cry. This book about pathetic fate inevitably making cry read USA First Lady Lora Bush and highly praised.

          In 2003 he with his book “Camel with seven humps” introduced illustrated book genre and since he created many such books. J. Dashdondog except well known to children over 60 verses for songs wrote 16 works for staging and screening as plays, movies, ballet and cartoons which are being performed in main theatres of Mongolia.

For his books dedicated to children and other works he received highest literary prizes of the country, best literary diplomas and 9 times first prizes of art work contests.

Verses and tales of Mr. J. Dashdondog are included in 22 local and 4 foreign textbooks.  Especially, in all primary school “Reading textbooks” of Mongolia beginning from “Alphabetic book” are included his verses and for over 30 years have been read and taught lessons of aesthetics to children.

His 24 books are printed abroad in about 3 million copies. He also has translated 50 books of foreign writers. Among them special places take 4 volumes of poems and total number of poems translated by him reached one thousand.


          Mr. J. Dashdondog 6 times received international children’s literary prizes:

·        First place in international children’ songs contest with his “Five colors” poem. 1978

·        “Golden foal” prize of international association of creative workers for children of Mongol nationality with his “Temujin” opera. 1991

·         Honored diploma of International Children’ literature Institute in Osaka, Japan. 2004

·        Gold medal For Poetic Excellence of World Academy of Arts and Culture. 2006

·        By the decision of the President of International Board on Book for Young People (IBBY) IBBY Honor List for his illustrated book “Golden neighbor”. 2006

·        By the decision of international jury of International Board on Book for Young People (IBBY) IBBY-Asahi Reading Promotion Award. 2006.


In 50-s of last century in Mongolia appeared people who writing books for children made their professional activity, one of their important representatives undoubtedly is Mr. Jambyn Dashdondog who from his 17 years of age has been committed to children’ literature.

Mongolian Section of IBBY

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